What are We Doing to Our Children?

There has been a movement from the left that is targeting our children. Not only do they pride themselves on how many children they have “aborted”. They also are spreading transgenderism, drag queens, and homosexuality.

Now, before you go crazy on me, I’m not saying that if you want to be transgender, homosexual, or a drag queen you can’t. I’m simply stating that indoctrinating our children to become those things is wrong. You may also be thinking that what I’m stating isn’t possible. That you are born that way, no one is telling you to be like that.

Can children be sexual?

Well, once again, I would have to inform you that you are incorrect. This constant myth that you are born gay, or trans, or whatever else people think they are, is a complete farce. To suggest that you can be born gay, is to say that children, even infants, have sexuality. That they can make conscious sexual decisions.

Children are not sexual beings. Sexuality usually comes about through puberty. But with this new trend on the rise, children are being forced into something they don’t understand. They are given attention and praise for choosing a lifestyle they couldn’t even comprehend.

What’s wrong with a homosexual child?

But what is wrong with this? What could be wrong with having a child that is homosexual, or a drag queen? Now, most people in our society want to do the right thing. And they want everyone to feel included and loved. But what we don’t realize, is that homosexuality and drag queens, are sexual things.

To be homosexual is to say that you enjoy sex, and want to be intimate, with the same sex. A child should not be apart of this. Children should not be exposed to sexual things. They should be able to enjoy being children. A child will never be able to fully grasp the concept of homosexuality. Their brain hasn’t reached that level of maturity yet.

Drag queen kids.

But somehow as a society we think teaching our children about this is acceptable. As a society we are celebrating the sexualization of our children. Don’t believe me, check out drag queen kids. These are children, dressed up in a sexual nature, performing on stage in drag clubs.

And if you’ve never seen a drag show, I can assure you, there is nothing PG about it. There was one child in particular, who was 11 years old, that performed at a drag club and had dollar bills thrown at him. He was performing a sexual dance, in front of a bunch of men, at night, and having dollar bills thrown at him. How, as a parent, could you find this remotely acceptable to do to your child?

Trans kids.

But this isn’t even the worst thing parents are doing now to their children. Enter, trans kids. That’s right, changing the sex of your child. Children as young as 3 are being put on puberty blockers so they can undergo transition surgery by the time they are 16.

Putting aside the fact that any surgery, no matter how routine, is extremely dangerous, transitioning your child will leave them sterile. They will never be able to reproduce. They will never be able to grow up and have a family of their own. Not to mention the fact that nearly 80% of children who think they are transgender grow out of it.

The damage we are doing to a children.

So now, you have put your child through toxic medication, and transition surgeries, so they can grow out of gender dysphoria and become suicidal. Think this last statement was too dramatic? Well, statistics have shown, that even with transition surgery, the percentage of suicide in the transgender community hasn’t changed. It is still higher then holocaust survivors.

Children should not be apart of any of these things. They should be able to enjoy being children, and should be taught things they actually need to know; like actual science. All of these things are damaging to our children. They are abusive. We should be helping our children achieve a bright future. Not one filled with a litany of mental disorders, and health issues.

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  1. Tracy

    Amen to all of the above. It is amazing what adults are doing to children! Pretty soon our society will have no mature, moral adults at all but a bunch of looney tunes!

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