Trans Kids

"Trans kids protesting for rights."There is a new trend on the rise for some young children today. It is called Gender Dysphoria. According to the American Psychiatric Association, Gender Dysphoria (GD) involves a conflict between their biological gender and the gender with which they identify.

Now, as with any subject in America these days, there are two very distinct sides to this issue; of children transitioning. The left states that this should be allowed to take place.

That allowing children to transition, medically, is better for their mental health. One went so far as to say if you didn’t allow children to do this, you are condemning them to death. The right suggests that subjecting your children to undergo transition surgeries, is a form of child abuse.

Let’s take a look at the argument from the left. Understandably, they do not want to subject children to any type of distress; especially if it could end in suicide. So, to the left, allowing a child to transition will help prevent them from taking their own life.

But how true is this? Will allowing children, some as young as five, to transition keep them from committing suicide? Will it increase their overall happiness? Can it help them become a productive member of society?

There aren’t many studies out to give a definitive answer on the subject. But many show, that a vast majority of children who exhibit symptoms of gender dysphoria, will resolve those issues with puberty. So would it really be right to have your child transition when, more then likely, it will resolve on it’s own?

The left paints pictures of suicide, if children with GD are not treated with transition surgeries. When, in fact, suicide is one of the serious risks associated with sexual reassignment surgery. Plus, you are subjecting your child to all of the normal risks associated with any type of surgery. So, I ask, is that something you’re willing to subject your five-year-old to?

And what about long term? Is allowing your child to transition really going to improve their overall happiness for the rest of their life? Is it really going to prevent them, in the long run, from committing suicide?

One study concluded that after a person has sex reassignment surgery, they are at a considerably higher risk for suicidal behavior. It goes so far as to state that transition surgery is not a sufficient treatment for people with GD.

Another argument has been for children with this disorder to use puberty blockers. The left has said it is good to use so that these children will have more time to figure out how to deal with being transgender. But again, using puberty blockers could have very serious side effects. And since puberty is generally what cures children of GD, wouldn’t blocking it cause your child more pain and suffering?

If you have to be 18 to vote and fight for your country, shouldn’t you also be 18 before you can make a life altering decision? Most people would suggest that getting a tattoo is a life altering decision. And you would still have to be 18 to make that decision on your own. So I ask you, is allowing your child to transition the right thing to do? Or could it potentially be a form of child abuse?

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