The Men of America

Now a days men have a very bad reputation in this country. They seem to be the cause of all of our problems. Men are accused of not wanting to be father’s, of being abusive, etc, etc. But is it true?

Certainly there are some men who have committed heinous crimes against women. There are men who don’t want a family and run away from their responsibilities. But does that mean that men don’t face inequalities? Does that mean that men aren’t at times the victims? Women’s issues seem to be the main subject in the media now a days.

But what about men’s issues? For instance, men have no reproductive rights. If a woman gets pregnant and doesn’t want to have the child but the man does, the man is silenced. Woman have many options available to them when it involves children. It is men that have no rights when it comes to this issue.

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What about the men that want to be a part of their children’s lives? What right’s do men have if they aren’t married to the mother? Most states show they pretty much don’t have any. The unmarried mother is presumed to have primary custody of the children. Her rights are superior to those of the father. Mother’s must be proven unfit or completely give up their rights for a father to have full custody of his children. And even then men can run into issues trying to get their kids.

Does this sound equal to you? How outraged would women be if the roles were reversed? Do you think women would let that stand?

Being a parent to their child, however, is not the only injustice men suffer from. Surprisingly enough, domestic violence is a major issue men deal with that they have no help for. One out of seven men suffer from severe physical violence by an intimate partner. You would think that with this many men suffering from domestic violence there would be a fair number of shelters available to them. This is not the case. Of the abused men who called a domestic violence hotline, 64% were told that they only help womenAnother 32% of battered men were referred to a batterer’s program.  16% of men said they were either dismissed or made fun of before the representative hung up on them.

I’m not trying to undermine women’s issues, or stating that men suffer more. I’m simple saying that, like women, men experience inequalities. And instead of pointing the finger, and playing the blame game, we should realize that we all experience some form of inequality. No one issue more important than the next.

2 Replies to “The Men of America”

  1. Daniel Spencer

    I think what I’m really more focused on is that more people are in more interested in how this shooter as they say “is anomaly and their baffled over him and yeah they’re questioning you know what would’ve happened if he was a different skin color etc. but we should really be thinking about is the people that he killed right and take each person life and explain who they were and how he took somebody away that was going to become something in except or doing is making now biography of this

    1. admin

      Exactly! We are focusing on whether or not he was radicalized, how many guns did he have, etc. When we should be focusing on the victims and their families. Like the Marine who threw himself over his wife to protect her from flying bullets. He lost his life to save hers. I haven’t seen that everywhere. Or the soldier who threw himself over a random lady and tried to shield her eyes from all the carnage. There were real hero’s saving people from this mad man, and we aren’t showing them any kind of gratitude.

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