"tock-photo-sign-knife-warning-abortion-black-white-bleeding-red-verse-some-drawing"Are you pro-life or pro-choice? There is a line drawn in the sand, and you must choose a side. A number of arguments have been made for one side or the other, but what do we really know about abortion?

Many, on the pro-choice side, have said that you cannot tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. Women feel that the fetus is still apart of their body. But how true is this? According to science, this statement holds no weight.

Suggesting that the embryo is part of the mother’s body would mean that all cells would have the same genetic code. This, however, is not the case. It has been medically proven that the child has his/her own genetic makeup.

Why would this be important? Because unlike a transplanted organ, a child has a unique genetic code. This is what makes the child an individual, and not just another bundle of cells.

What about when men masturbate? Is that considered genocide? No, not even a little. The main point missing in this argument is what murder really is. The act of ejaculation does not kill the sperm, sperm need to be ejaculated to fertilize the egg. If the sperm can’t fertilize an egg they die, whether inside or outside the vagina.

The whole purpose for the sperm and the egg is to fertilize and become a human life. If they do not complete this task, they expire on their own. No help required.

What if the mother is in a bad relationship, or is extremely poor? Wouldn’t abortion be the best option in that situation? Not necessarily. If the mother is in a bad relationship, or has major financial difficulties, adoption would be the best option; not only for the baby, but the mother as well.

Many have argued that adoption agencies are over filled, and the child will be lost in the foster care system; which apparently is horrible for the child. However, studies have found an estimated one million families are looking to adopt at any given time.

One million families. Not a few hundred, or a couple thousand, but one MILLION families are looking to adopt. There are approximately 670,000 abortions a year. If the number wanting to adopt is higher then the number aborted, wouldn’t that suggest that all of those children could of found happy homes?

Even if half of the estimated abortions could of been placed with a loving family, wouldn’t that be preferable to ending a life before it begins? Or is the embryo growing within the mother’s body not viable enough to matter?






2 Replies to “Pro-life/Pro-choice”

  1. Amanda

    I think this is a great post! So many people do not realize the amount of women and men who are unable to have children and who are more than willing to adopt babies, especially those that are just born! I imagine that life can get in the way sometimes but it should never give anyone a reason to choose to end a life whether it is a fetus or not! Especially in the world we live in today. There are so many options way better than abortion and we have no right to choose to end a life. I am a strong believer in Pro Life its just right! 🙂

    1. admin

      I completely agree! There are many options available besides abortion. For instance, there are safe sex practices that greatly reduce unwanted pregnancy. But, surprisingly enough, said practices are not being used very often. So instead of using a condom to prevent yourself from getting pregnant in the first place, women instead get pregnant and then get an abortion. I think it’s because contraceptives aren’t seen as something important, and because abortion has been so normalized. People don’t look at a fetus as a human being anymore, so they don’t care if they kill it.

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