The New Liberal Media

"Picture of fake news on computer."News feeds have bombarded us with ideals that fit better with the Nazi regime. From the call to ban guns to demanding free universal health care; the left these days have decided to abandon democracy. Now, you may feel that these are some considerable claims, but let’s look at these individually.

Free public health care is not a new theory. It has been enforced in all communist and socialist countries; including the Nazi regime. We know now that Hitler was a terrible tyrant, who committed abhorrent atrocities. But his policies were much like the Democrat policies of today. For example, media has relentlessly pushed the policy for expanding welfare.

Hitler already made this a reality during his reign. Actually, Hitler achieved the largest public welfare program in history.  And what about this current call for equality? Again, this has been perfected by the Nazis. They put in place a message of equality and fair treatment of anyone regardless of class, rank, gender, or race.

But do these things really indicate that the left has abandoned ship? No, not really. But let’s take into consideration some of the other things the left is wanting to implement. They want to ban guns and implement hate speech laws. They also target straight white males as the evil of society.

Does any of this sound familiar? If you replace straight white males with Jews, you have the Nazi party! But according to the new liberal media, if you disagree, YOU are the Nazi.

I’m not sure when we decided that learning about history was no longer important. After all, history does have a tendency to repeat itself. As Hitler discovered when he tried to invade Russia in the dead of winter. Something which Napoleon attempted before Hitler, and failed to accomplish.

Is the new liberal media like the Nazis? Are they ruthlessly trying to suppress speech? Do they spew out propaganda? Do they constantly blame straight white males for the problems in America? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the media’s ideals do in fact fit with the Nazi regime.

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