Feminists vs. Femininity

"Blonde pop art woman with open mouth and megaphone."What does it mean to be feminine? That is a question seemingly in short supply today. Instead, we are breathlessly waiting on the next broken glass ceiling. But what is so significant about these ceilings, and why do we need to break them?

Most feminists would say that we need to break these glass ceilings to prove that women are as strong as men. That women can do whatever a man can do. But why do women need to be as strong as men? Why do we have to prove that we are as capable as a man? Are women somehow less intelligent? Are we less important?

If you listen to feminists, being a woman isn’t good enough. Suggesting that a woman needs to prove herself at all, to me, seems sexist against women. What exactly do I have to prove? Why should I have to prove anything to anyone anyway? So what if a woman isn’t as physically strong as a man. Men aren’t as emotionally strong as women.

There are many attributes that women possess that men do not, and vise versa. But somehow, society today deems the talents that women possess as unimportant. And the group that seems to reject femininity the most are feminists.

Feminists today push for women to behave more like men. They want women to be in fields that are predominately male, because they’re predominately male. Feminists aren’t taking into consideration that women might not be interested in those fields, and that is why there aren’t as many women.

To say that women aren’t as equal as men in today’s society is a farce. Women have the ability to do whatever it is they wish. They can run their household or run for president without any resistance from men.

There is even a suggestion that women do not get paid as much as men do. No man would be employed if that were even remotely true. What business owner wouldn’t take advantage of that loophole?

Instead of this constant push for women to be more masculine, we should be celebrating our femininity. What makes us different from men is what makes us special. And being a women is just as important as being a man. Staying at home to take care of your children and your home doesn’t make you less important. It is as equally important as going to work to provide for the family.



3 Replies to “Feminists vs. Femininity”

  1. Daniel Spencer

    Wow this was really great. Good points like: “So what if a woman isn’t as physically strong as a man. Men aren’t as emotionally strong as women”, and funny true points like the loophole that corporations would take if they could pay women less and get away with it.

    1. admin

      Thank you! I just felt like feminists weren’t making much sense. They say that they represent women’s rights and what’s special about being a woman. But all I see is them telling me to act more like a man, and do things that men are good at. I felt like they were saying femininity isn’t as important as masculinity.

  2. Janie Petronella

    I feel any woman trying to prove that she can do anything a man can do is actually in doing so, giving her power away. On the other hand, I do believe if a woman has had the same training and education should rightly be paid the same as a man with the same training, education and experience in that field. I for one, have nothing to prove to anyone. I am a woman in every sense and I am proud of it!

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