Cancel Culture

"Cancel culture photo of youtubers."There is a new form of internet bullying taking place, which millennials have coined as “cancel culture”. Now if you’re like me, you don’t really know what this is. But once I had it explained to me, I realized I’ve seen it everywhere.

To be “canceled”, is to be publicly shamed on the internet, so furiously that you are no longer able to work. Basically, a great deal of unsubstantiated rumors, and stories come out about you, and you are shamed off the internet.

But who is this affecting?

People like Gavin McInnes and Ben Shapiro, have seen the brunt of this. Gavin had countless rumors spread about him that he was a Nazi and was spreading hate speech. He was continually being banned from twitter, and demonetized from YouTube. But it was once he was associated with violence that he lost his spot on CRTV (now BlazeTV).

Ben Shapiro has also been accused of being a Nazi, even though he’s Jewish. He has been kicked out of speeches he was invited to speak at, and has to have armed security when entering a campus. To be “canceled” is to effectively be fired from your job, just with public humiliation as an added bonus.

This mostly effects YouTubers, and most of them have been on the conservative side. But, this culture has recently spread to the other side of the isle. Now, I’ve heard many people say that the “cancel culture” is toxic behavior, that we should wait before we condemn someone. But what I haven’t heard, is that this is a form of internet bullying.

Guilty until proven innocent? 

To spread heinous rumors about someone, that could potentially land them in jail, until they become suicidal is bullying; plain and simple. What is particularly strange about this form of bullying, is that it is actually acceptable.

There hasn’t been a single YouTuber, or news article, that I could find calling “cancel culture” out for what it really is, bullying. Because of President Trump, it seems that people now find it acceptable to take an accusation as gospel.

I’m sure all of you know the horrendous rumors, and speculations, that President Trump had to endure during his first two years in office. None of which were substantiated, but all of which were taken as gospel. So much so that they were calling for his impeachment!

It used to be, in this country, that you were innocent until proven guilty. And rumors and accusations were just that, rumors and accusations. Now, if a person claims that you raped them, or that you molested someone, your already guilty. No need for evidence. No need for your side of the story. You’re just guilty.

Regressing as a country. 

Now, suddenly, we’re back in Salem during the witch trials. If you’re pointed at, your going to the gallows. If this seems like a dramatization, take a moment to listen to the victims of “cancel culture”. Most of them speak of the utter terror and depression they have had to deal with because of this new acceptable form of bullying.

In this country you are innocent until proven guilty. We need to remember that there are two sides to every story, and that people lie. Even people we like and respect. This is why we need to wait for the full story before we post, or tweet, our opinions on the subject. Wait to find out the truth.

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