400 Years Seems Like A Choice

"Quote from Martin Luther King Jr."No one knows how to create more controversy then Kayne West. His latest escapade was with TMZ, when he stated that 400 years seems like a choice. In this instance he was referring to slavery.

Now, to suggest that black Americans have been slaves in America for 400 years is a complete falsity. Especially considering that America has only been a country for 242 years. Even if you count slavery at the birth of America, it still doesn’t even come close to 200 years, it more like 88 years.

That’s not to say that slavery didn’t exist before then. There was slavery in many different European countries, including England. And in 1619, when the colonist came to the Americas, they did end up bringing slaves with them. But just because something took place on a particular continent, doesn’t make it the fault of the country. Especially when that country didn’t even exist.

Saying that slavery was a choice, however, seems to be where the controversy lies. To suggest that anyone would choose to be a slave, suggests that they were too weak to fight for their freedom. Which has never been the case.

What most people forget about African American’s is that they are AMERICAN! And as an American, you fight for your freedom. That is how our nation was birthed. This is the core of who we are.

Suggesting that black Americans were too weak to fight for their freedom, goes against the core of who they are, and who we are as Americans. It takes away from people like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and Fredrick Douglas who fought tooth and nail not only for their freedom, but for the freedom of all black Americans.

The backlash he received for making this statement makes sense if this is how he intended it. However, there are some that say this wasn’t his meaning at all.

Some people have suggested that Kanye was being sarcastic. Some people suggest that Kanye meant blacks want to be enslaved in the victim status. Others have said that he has jumped ship and now is racist against his own race.

Whatever the case may be, to suggest that African Americans do not possess the same fight as all Americans is ridiculous. Our history has proven that Americans love freedom and will fight to the death to obtain it.






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