What is Fascism?

"Black and white photo of protest."Racist, fascist, homophobe! These terms have been thrown about lately, and seemingly at everyone and everything. You hear these terms in chants, in the news, and on social media sites. You would think that such words wouldn’t be used so lightly, given their meaning. But, perhaps, people no longer know what a word like fascist actually means.

People from President Donald Trump to Jewish Conservative Ben Shapiro have been labeled as a fascist Nazi. But do their ideals follow those of a true fascist? The philosophy of a fascist is to exalt their nation, and often race, above the individual.

Some would say this embodies President Trump. After all he championed things like, “America first” and “Make America Great Again!” But is that all it takes to be a fascist? According to Webster’s Dictionary, it takes a little more than that. A centralized government and severe economic and social regulation are also a part of being a fascist. And they implement this agenda by forcible suppression of their opposition.

Knowing now how a fascist is literally defined, can it be applied to people like President Donald Trump and Ben Shapiro? I would say not. If in fact they were fascists, they would be silencing all of those who oppose them with brutal force.

So why are these hateful epithets thrown in their direction? Some would say it is to silence them. If this is the case, and these hateful expressions are used to silence an opposing view, that would in fact make their accusers the fascists.

I know many of you would say that this isn’t true. That they are just pointing out evil where it lives. But let me remind you of Hitler and his Nazi party. He used tactics such as these to silence his opposition. Least we forget the propagandized drawings of evil Jews plastered on every street corner.

Painting someone else to be the bad guy so their ideas cannot be expressed is a Nazi tactic. So, instead of shutting down opposition, shouldn’t we instead give it a platform? Isn’t part of the American Dream to have the ability to express yourself freely without fear of retribution? If not, if speech you don’t agree with is deemed hate speech, then this is no longer America; it’s a fascist state.

2 Replies to “What is Fascism?”

  1. Amanda

    Great post, very interesting info and points. I didn’t even know that was being thrown around!

  2. What will it take?

    Exactly right. Leftists are the fascists today in America. It’s a very dangerous situation.

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