Trump/Putin Love Affair

"President Trump speaking with Putin."Breaking news: Trump in bed with Russia. This just in: Trump pees on Russian prostitutes. Tune in tonight to discover how Trump colluded with Putin. No matter what news worthy event had transpired, all the media could focus on was Trump. And not just Trump, but his fictitious collusion with Russia.

It all started during the election, when rumors where spread that Russia interfered with our results. Because Trump won (which no one saw coming), the media tied Russia, tampering with the election, to Trump’s victory.

Most media outlets reported on the potential of Trump colluding with Russia, but none had proof. And every time we thought the rumor storm had passed, the media would pull out the same story again. Each outlet becoming angrier every time Trump would call them out for spreading fake news.

But now the witch hunt for proof of a Trump/Putin love affair has reached new and disturbing heights. With absolutely no evidence, the media has relentlessly tried to make this conspiracy a reality. It went so far as a “special prosecutor” being brought in to help the investigation.

President Trump has now had his finances looked into, for the POTENTIAL of moving the investigation forward. The potential. Meaning they have nothing to go on, and they are fishing for evidence. How many normal investigations go this route? Would you think the police were really doing their job if they acted this way?

Say, for instance, the police thought John was responsible for committing a murder. But they had no evidence that John committed the murder. Do you think it would be appropriate for them to tear his life apart, hoping for something connecting him to this crime? Most people wouldn’t think so.

But for some reason this is okay to do to our President. It has become the new six degrees of Kevin Bacon, where they will find anything they can to say this collusion exists. When instead they could just accept the fact that their candidate lost the election. Trump won, get over it!



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  1. Tracy Spencer

    Good article! Where and when are there going to be new articles?? I wanna read more! Great stuff!

    1. admin

      I have just written a new one yesterday. But I am trying to get more content out.

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