Transgenderism: A Mental Illness is Not a Civil Right

"Transgender protest."I was recently scrolling through my updates on YouTube, and came across Dr. Michelle Cretella. She posted an interview on transgenderism, and how it is a mental illness and not a civil right. So, of course, I decided to watch what it was she had to say.

The first thing she was talking about was our children. How they are being taught that you could potentially not be the sex you were born to. She, however, was not on board with the new curriculum. She referred to it as child abuse.

Now I’m sure, as most of you are, that her statements did not go over very well with the LGBT… yada yada yada… community. She has stated that for children, telling them they could be the other sex is terrifying. That pumping them full of puberty blockers will leave them sterile. Giving them hormone injections will lead to various, and very serious, diseases; including cancer.

But this is not what the left, and especially the LGBT community, wants to hear. They want people to say it’s healthy. And that they were born in the wrong body.

And do you know how they can “medically” prove that this is true? Well if you say so of course. That’s all it takes! Just say, I’m transgender, and poof now you need a sex change. But according to this doctor, and anyone with common sense, that’s not actually scientific proof.

To state if you believe it then it’s true, is delusional. Actually, to emphatically state that you are something you’re not, is the very definition of being delusional. And yet, as a society, we are suppose to accept and support this community. A community that is filled with people who have no grip on reality. And then we are supposed to instruct our children on how to obtain the same delusions? Is this really making sense to anyone?

Now you could say, “Well they have proof that people who are transgender have the opposite sex’s brain functionality.” But what does that actually prove? That they were somehow born this way? If that were the case, then every twin study done would show that both were transgender. But, instead, the study shows the opposite of that. The study instead shows, that transgenderism happens post birth, not when you’re born.

But if you state scientific studies then you’re trans-phobic. Surprisingly, if you state that a woman has ovaries and a man has testes you’re trans-phobic. And if you try to get your child help because they don’t identify with their sex, you’re an abusive parent.

But the reality is proving to be opposite. They are the ones abusing children. Is it really good parenting to ensure your child will never be able to have a family of their own? Or pushing a disorder on them that could potentially lead to suicide, cancer, diabetes and the like? I would say not.

And to suggest, even for a moment, that going through extensive surgeries to look like the opposite sex, actually makes you the opposite sex is absurd. If you are born male, you will die male, end of story. If I find a plastic surgeon to make me look like a tiger, I’m not going to magically be a tiger, I’ll just be a chick who botched up her body.

It may seem mean to say such things, but I think the problem is our perpetual need to protect people’s feelings. Saying what people want to hear isn’t going to help them in the long run. Telling a man that he is now a woman, is never going to help him deal with his underlying issues. Instead of lying to people, we need to be helping people, with the truth.


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