The New War

T"Lincoln with soldiers."he worst war ever fought in American history, had to be the civil war. But it wasn’t the number of dead and wounded that made this particular war so significant. It was the pitting of brother against brother, and father against son that made this war so brutal. And now this war has returned.

What most people don’t know about the civil war, is who the feud was really between. Most believe it was between the North and the South. But that isn’t exactly true. This was a fight between Republicans and Democrats. And it hasn’t changed much since then.

This war began over slavery, specifically the Kansas-Nebraska Bill of 1854. This bill would allow the spread of slavery to other states across the nation, and that was something Republicans were fervently against. And because of this, the civil war ensued.

Now most people believe that the feud was over once the civil war was over, and the republic was once again united. This, sadly, is not true. Least we forget President Johnson taking away the reparations for former slaves, or jim crow. But it stopped after the civil rights movement, right?

Nope! It is as alive today, as it was then. The parties have fundamental differences. One wanting to take what others have worked for, the other wanting to have what they’ve earned.

Now it’s really easy to see this difference during the civil war. One wanted slavery, the other wanted it abolished. But what does this really mean? If you think about it, slavery is a way to take what other’s have earned; you are taking their labor. No one understood this better then President Lincoln.

As a child Lincoln was forced to work for neighbors by his father, and all of his earnings were taken from him by his father. So, in essence, Lincoln understood what it was like to be a slave, and have what you’ve worked so hard for taken from you. So it’s no wonder that Lincoln found slavery morally reprehensible.

The foundation of slavery, taking what others have worked for, is still alive in the Democrat party. You may think that is a ridiculous statement, but think about this. What is the platform for the DNC? Tuition free education, medicare for all, and the fight for fifteen. On the surface, this platform sounds pretty good. But once you take a deeper look, it seems to be eerily familiar to taking from others by force.

As we all know, nothing is really free. So stating you are going to provide tuition free education, is really saying you are going to increase taxes so some don’t have to pay for college. When you think about it, that is essentially taking from someone else by force, so another can benefit. And it holds true for everything else in the DNC platform.

The Republican party on the other hand, feels that the government shouldn’t be forcing people, through taxes, to support someone else. And this great divide has spilled into the social lives of all Americans. You can either be for less government interference, and the power of the individual. Or you can be for fairness, equality, and social justice for a certain group of people.

Make no mistake, we are in a war. A war of ideals. And like the times of the civil war, it is between the Democrats and Republicans.







3 Replies to “The New War”

  1. Tracy Spencer

    Very true! Lincoln also said that a house divided cannot stand, and pretty soon the US will not be able to stand! We will be weak allowing other nations, even Islam, to hurt and eventually tear us apart. God have mercy on our nation!!

  2. Daniel Spencer

    Yep defenitly a new social divide considering the Change in how society comunicates now. Most importantly we can become trapped around our social feeds and what our social media presents us with based on what we look up which furthermore traps us in a bubble. Republican or Democrat or what ever side you learn more towards you should always have a base foundation in good morals

    1. admin

      Yes we do put ourselves in an echo chamber… and that is true for both sides. But I think what’s worse, is our lack of understanding for each other. We should always show each other respect even if we have differing ideas. We need to remember that we are ALL American. That’s what should bond us together, no matter our political leaning.

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