Repealing the Second Amendment

"Man ready to shoot AR-15."Another shooting has taken place, and now, instead of shouting for reform, they are shouting for repeal. Now, obviously, that sounds like the worst idea possible. After all, tyrants always start the take over process by stripping their citizens of their arms. But for some reason, some news outlets and politicians think it’s a good idea.

The general idea amongst these people, is that if there are no guns, then criminals won’t be able to use them. But I ask you, when has any criminal followed the law? Would riding ourselves of guns stop criminals from acquiring them?

The Sutherland Springs shooting is the new catalyst for the anti-gun political movement. The media is trying to portray the weapon as the “bad guy”. As if the weapon is what corrupts the person; specifically the AR-15.

After the recent mass shooting occurred, the news outlets were a flurry with the scoop on what transpired. Unfortunately, the “scoop” didn’t include facts. The statement that Kelley committed suicide, turned out to be false; as was discovered when interviewing Willeford. It has been stated that the shooting was over when Willeford entered the picture. Again, incorrect.

But the worst transgression was the underplaying of Willeford’s heroic actions. It seemed as though Willeford’s actions did’t fit their narrative. If a gun is what makes people evil, then Willeford doesn’t make sense.┬áBecause this hero risked his life to save others, with the very gun the bad guy was using, the media had to find a way to exclude him.

Major media outlets have repetitively stated that guns are evil. And the only way to rid ourselves of said evil is by banning it. But Willeford has proven that the object is not to blame when something evil transpires.

Willeford picked up his AR-15 and ran into battle against evil. He was the knight in white. He was the press’s worst nightmare. The gun narrative was shattered by his heroism, and the media couldn’t handle it.┬áThis shows that it is the heart of the man, not the weapon, that determines whether or not evil will be committed.






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