HR5 – The Equality Act Bill

"HR5 attack on freedom."There is a new bill on the congress floor for, what would seem like, equality. But at closer glance, the bill is really for the LGBTQ agenda. The bill starts out by stating that there may be inequalities for certain people. That they may have difficulties in restaurants, and bathrooms, etc.

But what it does not mention are the inequalities based on someone’s religion. And it does not protect our constitutionally protected right to freedom of religion. Now, why would I bring that up you ask? Well let me explain.

What would this bill do? 

This bill will effectively force pastors, and privately owned businesses to perform actions against their religious beliefs. For instance, the baker that didn’t want to partake in a homosexual wedding. Or the pastor that doesn’t want to marry a same sex couple.

Many of you might think that this is a good thing. That these people should be forced to do this, because it’s the “right” thing to do. But let me ask you this… would you think it was the “right” thing to do if the roles were reversed?

What if the roles were reversed? 

If, by chance, instead of people being forced to adhere to the LGBTQ agenda, you were forced to not be gay, or trans? What if the government forced you out of the LGBTQ community? Would that be okay? Would that be acceptable to you?

My guess is probably not. But I’m also guessing that you somehow think this is happening now. That the government and society are against the LGBTQ community. Well sorry to break it to you, but you are wrong.

There is no threat against this community. There aren’t any laws against any part of the LGBTQ community. You can get married to who you want, you can change your sex, you can say you don’t have a sex. Whatever floats your boat. But somehow, to have all the rights afforded to you that are afforded to everyone else, isn’t enough.

What makes us free. 

The LGBTQ community needs MORE. They need to force everyone to do what it is they want. This is 3% of the population by the way. 3% of the population is effectively trying to strip away the religious freedom of the country. There is a reason the founders made the constitution. It was so a minority couldn’t strip away the basic rights of the nation.

What surprises me most about the LGBTQ community, is their Nazi-like behavior. They are trying as hard as they can to force the nation to do their bidding. What is great about America, is that it’s free! And this nation cannot be free if bills like this one pass.

It will strip away our basic rights, it will strip away what makes us free. No one is telling you, you can’t be gay, trans, or whatever you like. What we are saying is, you can’t have our freedom to be what WE want to be.

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