Communism? Really? (Part 1)

"Resist capitalism and build socialism poster."What do you think of when you hear the word America? Could it be freedom, democracy, the free market? Or do you see America in a different light; as the oppressor? There are many in the college sphere who would argue that America is the oppressor. And to no one’s surprise, these students are also champions for communism.

What’s so wrong with that? Isn’t communism about sharing, and making sure everyone has an equal footing? Isn’t it about fairness? If this is what you think communism is about, you may be surprised to learn that it is the opposite.

If we go back to the founding of communism, we’ll find Karl Marx, Friedrich Engles and Charles Darwin. Now, you’re right to say that Charles Darwin was not the founder of communism. But, his theories were very instrumental for the communist manifesto.

What most don’t realize about communism is that it is based on materialism. Meaning, that only things in the physical realm hold any value to a communist. Charles Darwin based his theory of evolution off of this, which is why Karl Marx found his theories so essential to communism. It gave communism meat, a history, and stripped away all aspects of religion.

Why would this be important? Because, like it or not, it is religion that placed value on the individual. And when you take that away, people become insignificant. Which is why Darwin’s theory became a central part of the communist dream.

The history of communist countries are filled with famine and death. The policies implemented in these communist countries killed millions of their citizens. All the while making the people in government richer. Their policies stripped away every right their citizens had. It’s sad and confusing to see American college students buying into communist propaganda.

They believe it stands for equality and freedom, when in fact it strips you of your freedoms. American’s seem to be blind to how many freedoms they have been afforded. The right to choose where you live and what you do for work, are just some of the freedoms that citizens of communist countries don’t have.

Not to mention their inability to protest or speak freely. If anyone in North Korea decided to speak out against Kim Jong-un, they would find themselves in prison. But are these the things college students think of when championing communism? I would think not! To say that you care about things like freedom and equality, would mean you are the opposite of a communist.

We need to stop the crazy propaganda running through our universities, and bring people back to the facts. We need to give an accurate account, of not only our own history, but the history of other countries. So that our citizens can make up their own minds with accurate information.




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