Communism? Really? (Part 2)

"Teacher pointing out how bad communism is."Communism has been painted as the Utopian dream. That it is a government of equality and diversity. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. When we look back at the polices of communist countries, we will see that it is not for the working man at all. It drives a majority of the populace into poverty and starvation. And imprisons all voices of descent.

Let’s take a look at Stalin’s five year plan for Russia, as an example. Stalin pushed for agricultural reform, where it would bring together smaller farms into collective and state agriculture. But what did this mean for his citizens. It meant that, weather you wanted to or not, you had to sell your farm to the government.

As you could guess, that didn’t go over well with wealthy farmers. But because communism gives the government so much power, these farmers stood no chance against it. Stalin would punish these farmers by destroying their homes, and deporting them to Siberia. Could you even imagine that happening in the US? Does that sound like a Utopia to you?

Stalin’s polices ended up costing many lives of his citizens. But he wasn’t the only one. Mao, the communist leader of China, had similar policies for his citizens. One of Mao’s most well known campaigns was called the great leap forward. And, like Stalin, this lead to starvation and economic ruin.

Leftest continue to call for a re-distribution of wealth. But all that really does is make everyone poor. It creates places like Venezuela, where you have to stand in line for a carton of powdered milk.

The main problem with this new communist movement, is how sheltered we are as Americans. We don’t see what citizens of communist countries actually go through. And if we did, if we were able to experience it for a short while, we would disavow it as loudly as possible.

I think these “progressive” American’s need to sit and think about what it is they truly value. The right to speak freely, the right to protest, the right to your property. These are basic freedoms that America has to offer. Communist countries DO NOT offer these freedoms, and they never will.


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