"girl with tape over mouth, and cross out sign on it."There has been a rash of censorship going around as of late, that has been affecting exclusively conservative figures. It almost seems as if there is a conspiracy among major social media platforms, to censor speech that doesn’t fit their motif.

Now, saying such things would tend to label you as a conspiracy theorist. But, when you see one influential figure after another, who are all conservative, being banned or demonetized, you tend to think collusion is taking place.

Of course, a private company can do as they please; this is America after all. But, to state that you are a neutral platform for people to express their opinions and ideas, and then systematically ban people with an opposing viewpoint, would suggest that something nefarious is afoot.

And I think the biggest question would by why? Why invite people onto your platform to ban them later?

It’s painfully obvious that they haven’t broken any agreement made with said company. Especially when the company states they don’t have a reason for banning you. So why ban, demonetize, or terminate these particular accounts?

To protect people from hate speech? Because if that was the case, they wouldn’t have let them have an account to begin with. These aren’t just normal Twitter accounts, these are verified accounts. Meaning, they have to be public figures and pay Twitter for verification.

No conservative, in their right mind, would fault Twitter for banning someone, if that person had breached the contract they signed with the company. But to be banned, for literally no reason, is really Twitter breaking their contract with these conservative public figures; such as Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes.

Do they think censoring these people is going to help their cause? Do they think they are going to gain people to their side? This is America for crying out loud! We hate censorship, hence the Revolution. The more they censor speech, the more they push people away from their side.

The left loves to call people Nazis, fascist, racist, homophobes. But censoring speech is the very essence of fascism. They are the very thing they claim to hate.

You don’t see people on the right censoring the never ending falsities spewing out of leftest TV hosts. For instance, the continues loop on Trump colluding with Putin. (none of which was true by the way.) You don’t see republicans protesting leftist speaking engagements with weapons and violence; like ANTIFA.

So what do they think censoring will do for them? Has the silencing of opposing view points really helped their cause any? Has the violence they inflicted on the right brought anyone to the left?

Sadly, for social justice warriors everywhere, it is having the opposite affect. So I guess continue to censor, you idiotic liberals, and welcome in a Trump 2020.


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