Abortion Flavored Ice Cream?

"Strawberry ice cream in a bowl with ice cream scoop."Abortion flavored ice cream? Has the world lost their mind?

What’s the Scoop?, a Portland based ice cream shop, partnered with NARAL to create a controversial ice cream flavor to protest Trump’s new supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And what, you may ask, is this new flavor called? Rocky-Roe vs. Wade.

For those of you sitting there thinking, how could you possibly name an ice cream flavor after abortion? You are not alone. Catherine Glenn Foster, President and CEO of AUL, was quoted saying, “It is truly appalling that any organization would trivialize abortion.

Which even Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy recognized is a weighty, life-changing decision that many women – like me – come to deeply regret. This kind of twisted humor diminishes the lived experiences of millions of women. And may be why so many Americans are waking up to the reality of abortion.” 

And it is a shocking reality to say the least. There are different procedures for the different stages of pregnancy. But all procedures, no matter the stage, are so disturbing that people won’t talk about it.

Abortion has been a topic argued over since the decision of Roe vs. Wade. But the topic has really only stayed on whether or not a woman can have one, not what an abortion is. People won’t talk about the procedures or the side effects of having an abortion. The focus seems to remain on “women’s rights” and “women’s health”.

But what people won’t talk about, directly effects women’s health. Even if you truly believe that an unborn child is just a bundle of cells, the side effects of this procedure should be of concern to you.

The most common side effects include bleeding, nausea, cramping and feeling faint. But the more severe side effects are blood clots, damage to the cervix, perforation of the uterus, and infection. Not to mention the emotional damage a women can experience after having an abortion.

What’s the scoop? and NARAL made this new ice cream flavor to “save Roe”. They wanted to ensure that a woman will still have the choice to abort their child. It has been endlessly repeated that it’s the woman’s body, so she should be able to choose what to do with it. But what they fail to realize is the danger these women put themselves in when they go under the knife for this procedure.

This issue is VERY serious. For NARAL and What’s the Scoop? to trivialize it as they have, they are sending a message that an abortion isn’t a serious thing; and that the after affects of an abortion are not that big of a deal.

A vast majority of women who have had an abortion could tell you that this is not the case. Having an abortion is very serious business, and it will have lasting side effects physically and emotionally for any woman who chooses to get one.

So thank you What’s the Scoop?, for pissing off woman on your own side. Maybe now people who are pro-choice will take a closer look at abortion, and what it entails.

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