Abortion: A Woman’s Choice or A Life

"#abortion ever okay sign"Recently, Ohio came out with new legislation that will ban abortions, and have the mother face possible jail time for having said procedure. As you can imagine, people who are pro-choice were up in arms about this legislation, if it is passed.

They believe that the fetus is just a bundle of cells, and not really a life until it comes out of the mother’s womb. But how much sense does that really make? Can a human being not always be a human being? Can we really be a parasite that magically turns into a human once born?

The argument for abortion seems to be a lot of grasping at straws, from “it’s not really human until it’s born”, to “it doesn’t feel any pain until 28 weeks”. Seems like their reasons for supporting abortion aren’t really reasons.

It’s okay to punish someone who kills a pregnant woman for the unborn child they just killed, but it’s not okay to punish the mother for doing the same thing to her own unborn child. It’s considered monstrous to kill an infant, but it’s humane to abort a fetus. Doesn’t this seem a little contradictory to you? In one instance it’s a human life worth protecting; in the other instance it’s not.

Is there really a difference between killing a child that is inside the womb, versus outside? Should the law not apply equally?

But pointing that out is not going to stop their endless excuses. They’ll pull out the “pregnant from rape” card, or the “ectopic pregnancy” card. Shouldn’t a woman be able to get an abortion in those cases? Or what about if the fetus could kill the mother? Shouldn’t she have the option to abort then? Which life do you save?

A Threat to the Mother’s Life:

The only way to know if these excuses have any merit, is to look at them one at a time. So what if the baby is going to kill the mother? Of course if the child was endangering the mother’s life, the pregnancy should be aborted. But does it have to be? If the mother is full term, the baby can be removed by c-section. Both saving the life of the mother and child.

But what if the child is not full term? Can the mother and child still be saved? Or does the child need to be aborted? The answer is the child does not need to be aborted. Both can be saved. Dr. Alan Guttmacher of Planned Parenthood was quoted as saying, “Today it is possible for almost any patient to be brought through pregnancy alive, unless she suffers from a fatal illness such as cancer or leukemia, and, if so, abortion would be unlikely to prolong, much less save, life.”

So essentially, even a doctor that is for abortions, states that abortions are unnecessary to save the life of the mother. In fact, less than 1% of pregnancies endanger the mother’s life. And of those 1%, abortion is not really necessary to save, or prolong, the life of the mother. What if the mother was raped? Should she be able to have an abortion then? How does this make the unborn child’s life any less significant and of value?

The Mother is Raped:

Most of us would say they should be able to choose whether or not they want to abort the child. No one wants a woman to have to relive such a horrific experience for the rest of her life. But, is this the best option? Since a pregnancy due to rape is less than 1% of all abortions, I would have to say there has to be a better option. There are many adults that were conceived from rape, that have thanked their mother for allowing them to live.

There are many people in the United States looking to adopt a child, especially an infant. So, even though the baby was conceived from a crime, the child doesn’t have to die, and be counted insignificant. They can be placed with a loving family, and have a good life. But maybe the mother can’t emotionally, or mentally, handle the pregnancy. Shouldn’t they be allowed to abort the child then?

Some would say yes, others no. But don’t you think you should exhaust every option before for you choose the death of your child? Is this any different from a mother who can no longer financially, mentally, or emotionally handle their children who have already been born? Should they too be allowed to “abort” them?

Is There A Reason to Abort?

Because of modern technology, and the incredible advances that medical science has made, there are a lot more options for pregnant women than abortion. But there may be some cases where an abortion is necessary. For instance, an ectopic pregnancy that could result in the death of both mother and child. The child has no chance of survival as it lacks nutrients from the mother due to it’s position within the fallopian tube instead of the uterus.

Because the fetus will die, or grow and die, the toxins will kill the mother. This I would say, is an instance where the baby would need to be aborted from the mother. In this case it’s necessary for the mother to live. There are other cases, rare cases, where the mother has a serious illness; one where she has to take medicine that would either kill, or greatly deform the fetus.

In cases such as these, it would be necessary to abort the child. But neither of these examples are really a choice, are they? It’s either abort the child, or die.  You could choose to end your life so the baby may live. But in cases like these, it’s unlikely the baby will make it out unscathed.

Is Rape a Reason to Abort?

Is there really a case where the mother could choose to abort their child? Most of us would say rape would be one of those cases. But there might be an issue with that as well.

There are many cases where a woman claims they were raped, but in fact, just regretted having sex with that person. In which case, getting pregnant from that would just be classified as poor judgement. Rape has been declassified from it’s original meaning and now no longer only includes forced intercourse. In these cases, it may be that the woman involved does not want the memory of this bad experience that the child could potentially provide.

If they get rid of this memory, they can move on with their life and not be affected. But is this a real reason for abortion? So, how could one really tell if a woman truly was raped or not, especially since a vast majority won’t report it? Could we, in good conscience, say that this allowance wouldn’t be abused?

The Reason Behind the Excuses: 

So why the push? Why do so many women want free abortions on demand when the reasons given amount to less than 5% of all abortions? They can’t be fighting for that 5%; especially since by law those reasons are already protected. So why the push? What is it that these women are hoping to gain from this?

I believe it’s a way for some women to escape dealing with their responsibilities. They will tell you it’s because they can’t afford a child or they don’t have health insurance or that it’s not a good time in their life. But all of these reasons can be dealt with in ways besides getting an abortion. Contraceptives, Medicaid, payment plans, charities, food stamps, these are just some examples of other ways to deal with those reasons.

But for some unknown reason, these options are not good enough. A woman shouldn’t have to use contraceptives. A woman shouldn’t have to bare the financial burden of a child. What about the men??

Should Men Have a Say?

What about the men? Don’t we tell men to keep their mouth shut? That they have no valid opinion on the matter because they don’t carry the child? How can you blame someone you told to stay out of it in the first place? You can’t have it both ways. Either let men be fathers and help to make the decisions that come with that position or hold the burden to yourselves.

You can’t tell a man to take care of his responsibilities and with the same breath tell him to stay out of it. It’s either one or the other. According to Planned Parenthood, 12% of women who get abortions do so because they are unmarried, or unhappy with their relationship.  Men should be held accountable for their actions and take care of their children. But in order to do so, they need the right to speak and make decisions for their children, or potential children.

What is the Solution?

What is the solution then? Should women who get abortions be held responsible and possibly receive jail time? How about men? Should it be outlawed? These are the questions that have gone unanswered since Roe vs. Wade. It isn’t a black and white issue. Yes, you are ending a life, but sometimes it is necessary to save another.

The problem that faces pregnant woman today is not having all the facts, not being told that what is growing inside them is a life. Being lead to believe that it’s just a bundle of cells and that the child has no feelings and doesn’t feel pain. Not only that, but the side effects that accompany an abortion do not seem to be well known.

The fact about abortion is that it could lead to ectopic pregnancies, bladder injuries, bowel injuries, or breast cancer. If you have an abortion you could bleed for the first three months of your next pregnancy. You’ll be less likely to have a full term pregnancy in the future. Your baby could die within the first three months of their life from having an abortion.

You could die if one piece of the fetus is left in the uterus; just one piece. So, should women go to jail for having abortions? No, I don’t think so. The woman, more than likely, doesn’t think of an abortion as ending her child’s life. Should abortion be made illegal? No, because there are still reasons to have an abortion; medically speaking of course.

But it should be treated more seriously. Women should know exactly what it is they’re getting into. They should realize that they are ending a life and they should know the potential serious side effects an abortion will have on their body. Get counseling, speak to a friend or elder. Learn about all your options because your unborn child could be the next leader of the free world.


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