A California Shooting??

#gunfreezone signThere has been another mass shooting, but this time it wasn’t in the gun toting mid-west, or the the second amendment happy south; this time it was in California. That’s right California, the most liberal of states, with some of the harshest laws on gun control. Now I’m sure you’re all wondering how this could be. How could a state with so many laws on gun control have a mass shooting?

I mean don’t all gun wielding man-men follow the law? As California has just recently found out, no. Criminals don’t actually follow laws. Who would of thought. This particular evil doer was said to of purchased a legal firearm. So one could say we need to ban whatever it was he purchased. But is that really going to stop someone from going on a killing spree? Can it really stop someone with this evil a mind?

Now it’s not to say that this mass murder was the fault of the state, or any political party. What he did was heinous and completely his fault. But what is surprising is all of the celebrities stating that something could have prevented this from happening.

Exactly how do they think they can prevent someone from making evil choices? New laws? Banning more firearms? Longer wait times to purchase legal firearms?

The problem with these celebrities spouting off their opinions, is they are ignorantly formed. A prime example would be Ashton Kutcher’s recent rant on implementing new gun control laws. In which he stated, that he was gifted a firearm in a parking lot. Unfortunately Ashton Kutcher didn’t read up on California law, otherwise he would have known that the whole exchange was completely ILLEGAL.

So here we have celebrity after celebrity spouting off ideas that they did not research, to persuade youngsters to think as they do, and effect change. All for the sake of a “better world”. And yet, all of their ideas do the opposite. What do you think is going to make a thief think twice before breaking into someone’s house to rob it? The law, or the fact that the family might have a gun owner? I’m sorry, but if the law was going to give them pause, they wouldn’t be trying to rob you in the first place.

What’s worse is they somehow think that new laws will change the mind of a mass murderer. This person more than likely has serious metal issues, yet celebrities believe having harsher gun laws is what’s going to bring back their sanity. So I ask you, which do you think would stop a potential mass shooting? New laws, or armed teachers?

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