Political Shame

"Group of people ducking for cover during Las Vegas shooting."

America has just gone through a very tragic event…a shooting in Las Vegas, which ended with the death of many American lives. Of course this horrifying act occurred when people were trying to let loose and enjoy themselves at a concert. Usually, in a time like this, we would band together as Americans, and show our support for all of the victim’s families. Letting them know that they are not alone. However, because of the great divide in our political system, this was not the case.

When news of the shooting broke, the reaction wasn’t what I was expecting. There was no vigil, no moments of silence, no prayer, nothing to suggest we actually had sympathy for the victim’s family and friends. Instead people were racing to find out what the shooter’s religion was, what color he was, his sex, etc.

When did this become pertinent information about a crime? How does this information help the victims? Would it be excusable if it wasn’t a white male? Would it be less monstrous? I was shocked to discover headlines like, “White American Men are a Bigger Domestic Terrorist Threat than Muslim Foreigners.” Is it a contest now? Isn’t one terrorist act too many, no matter who the terrorist is? Or is that only with rape?

I was even more appalled when I learned of a Senator suggesting to protest a moment of silence suggested by our President. Doing something like that to spite President Trump, doesn’t hurt Trump, it hurts the victim’s families. To think that a grown adult would do something that distasteful, leaves me flabbergasted."Tweet from Sen. Seth Moulton"

This is a time when we should be banding together as a country.  Shame the person responsible for this egregious act… The flipping shooter!! Not the President, not the shooter’s color, or sex, or religion. Evil doesn’t care what color you are, or what sex you are; and it most certainly doesn’t care about your religion. It comes in all shapes and sizes.

To sit there and have the audacity to use this tragedy for political gain is more than just shameful, it is something of which I have no words to describe.

2 Replies to “Political Shame”

  1. Tracy spencer

    Definitely your voice coming through!! Great stuff!! I was wondering, though. I have read about heroes during this tragedy, like staying with strangers, even with some until they died. A multitude of citizens went to the blood bank to donate blood for the victims. I must have missed the info u got. I can understand why you would be so angry!! I young wife and mother of two from Iowa was shot and killed. It’s so sad!!!

    1. admin

      I found my information on Drudge Report. I just thought, these men and women who stood in the face of this mad man to help others, these people should be plastered all over the news. Not this constant back and forth on him being a white man, or being radicalized. Give the country time to grieve!

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