Police Brutality

"Police tape in front of the white house."It seems, at each new game, there is another NFL player taking a knee to the National Anthem. One would think they were protesting the flag, but surprisingly, they were protesting police brutality.

The sentiment among the general public is that police officers are racist; and they cross the line of necessary force. But how true is this? Many videos show this to be true. There have been plenty of news reports stating this is true. But are we getting the whole truth? Are we asking all the right questions?

Now I know what you’re thinking! How can you say that there is another side, when it is plainly visible on video? Because the entire situation cannot be gathered by video alone.

There has been reports, of late, that have shown some police officers committing crimes against certain races. But later it was discovered that these police officers were, in fact, doing the opposite of which they were accused.

Take the case of Ferguson vs Brown. This was one of the most controversial cases in 2014; and later caused a great deal of violent protests. The media did a good job of convincing the public that the information presented was factual.

For instance, it was stated that Brown surrendered with his hands up, and was shot down by Officer Wilson anyway. The evidence, however, completely contradicts this.

The coroner stated that Brown died with one hand in his waistband, and the injured hand was pressed up against his side. Thus ruling out the possibility that his hands where in the upright position when he died. Or when the media stated that Wilson grabbed Brown by the throat and started choking him. That again does not match with the evidence.

Forensics has stated that this would be an impossibility. The evidence showed that Brown punched Wilson, then reached into his car and grabbed for his gun. But the media found it insignificant to state the actual facts. Instead they paint a picture of racism running rampant within the police force.

This false narrative being pushed by the media seems to have the singular purpose of creating a racist atmosphere. Only 1% of traffic stops result in a physical altercation. And of this 1%, less then 5% actually filed a complaint. So where are all of the racist driven assaults being inflicted by the police?

We have been lead to believe that almost every police department in America has become a racist institution. However, the data doesn’t support this narrative. But it’s this narrative that is causing unrest in the African American community. Blacks, more than whites, believe that the police behave improperly. The only way I can see this community believing this narrative is by the media pushing it on them.

So I think, that in addition to retraining the police, we should eliminate the false narrative being pushed by the media. The relations between the police and the civilian population would dramatically improve once the truth is set free.



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