Let’s Ban Guns

"Row of rifles"

Gun control, gun control, gun control. Everywhere you look you’ll find people talking about gun control, in one fashion or another. Anytime we face a tragedy, such as the one in Las Vegas, this topic appears. I can understand the want to protect ourselves from such events, but is banning guns, or even certain types of guns, really going to make us safer?

The argument is that it will be harder for criminals to use guns in their crimes. How could a law possibly do that? Isn’t the fact that they are criminals mean they ignore laws? Won’t disarming law abiding citizens just make it easier for criminals to commit crime?

For instance, if a criminal knew that there were no guns in your house, don’t you think they would find it more appealing to rob you? Felons have admitted that they actively avoid houses they know are armed. 57% of criminals have said they would rather run into the police than rob an armed home.  However, we are told that guns are not a deterrent to crime. Calling the police, or getting an alarm system, is the right way to stop criminals… And yet, neither of those things have seemed to have an effect on crime.

Places like California, which has the strictest gun laws, has more crime then places like Utah, which has very relaxed laws on firearms. In California there were 3,095 firearm fatalities in 2015. While in Utah there was only 367 deaths due to firearms in the same year.  Isn’t that proof in and of itself, that strict gun laws have the adverse effect? You may say that this isn’t a proper comparison because of the differing population sizes.

Well then let me give you a better comparison. Washington DC has essentially banned gun ownership since 1967. Yet it has a murder rate of 56.9 per 100,000 people. Conversely, in Virginia, gun ownership is less restricted. The murder rate in Virginia is just 1.6 per 100,000 people.

I just don’t see how depending on the government for your protection from future gun wielding mad men is such a wise decision. The government can’t even get health care right! Personally, I feel that what protects us the most, is being able to protect ourselves. The police are great, and they do a lot of great work. But they can’t always be there when you need them most.

Instead of making it harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves, how about we retrain our police officers to better fight crime. Right now, giving out traffic tickets seems to be a police officer’s strong suit. Wouldn’t stopping real crime be a better way to spend their time? Or how about offering free classes on gun safety? It could possibly help eliminate the fear people have of gun ownership.

If there’s some crazy person out there wanting to kill people, he will do that regardless of what laws are in place. I mean, we have laws against killing people, has it made murder disappear?




4 Replies to “Let’s Ban Guns”

  1. Tracy

    LOL!! We do have laws against murder so why hasn’t it disappeared??? So, some gun store owners said that the “bump” rifle (??) or the type the Vegas shooter used, the sales dramatically increased. This obviously means that they figure these guns will become outlawed so then they can sell them on the black market. LOL!! Can’t win!

    1. admin

      Exactly, just like when they added the 18th amendment, which prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol. All that did was create a black market for alcohol, and increase crime. Actually it lead to a lot of crime organizations and corruption within the police and politicians. Because you know what they say, tell someone not to do something, and it’s exactly what they will do! LOL!

      1. Janie Petronella

        The Las Vegas incident was yet another very sad and senseless act by another “Crazy” person. I believe banning guns will not change a thing….maybe even make things worse. Where there’s a will (And Crazy People) there’s a way. God bless the people who experienced this horrible tragedy and God Bless and many blessing for peace for those who lost loved ones on that day.

        1. admin

          I agree, if someone wants to kill people, they will find a way to do it; guns or no guns. I once read a story about a guy who killed someone with a spoon! So it really doesn’t matter what laws you try to impose on the public, murder will happen regardless! And probably with the guns that were outlawed.

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