False Racism

"1960's protest against integration."A hate crime took place at a Colorado Air Force Academy. Five black cadet candidates found racial slurs on their message boards outside of their barrack rooms. This, of course, prompted the school to launch a full investigation on the matter.

Before the investigation came to a close, media outlets were reporting on the incident; and inferring that we live in a racist country. The media backlash became so bad, that the Lt. General had to make a speech addressing the issue. 

He made it abundantly clear that the Air force Academy did not support such behavior. And the perpetrator will be removed from the academy once they are apprehended.

Once the investigation came to a close, however, the results were not what the media expected. The perpetrator was one of the victims! 

The entire crime was a hoax! And to commit this hoax, this young black man had to commit hate crimes against his classmates. This hoax caused a perfectly respectable air force academy to have a bad reputation. And what was the fuel for this fire? The media.

The reports on this racial controversy flew off news stands, all the while being completely inaccurate. Whatever happened to journalistic integrity? Has it taken a backseat to their political agenda?

Instead of waiting for the investigation to come to a close, news reports pushed their agenda. Stating they had all the facts. Giving their opinion on how racist an institution America has become. Laying blame on the air force for inciting racist behavior.

This was not the only false flag event the media used to push their political agenda… A racist note sparked protests at a Minnesota College, church arson and racist graffiti were cover up for theft, noose allegations at Oakland Corporation yard… just to name a few.

Because the media doesn’t feel the need to check their facts, perpetual victims now have a platform. And this platform has a very large audience. Pushing the divide between the races is the new agenda for the mainstream news, and they will push this at any cost. Including journalistic integrity.

Spreading false information, on alleged hate crimes, takes away from those who suffer from real hate. It’s true that racism still exists, but not in the numbers inferred by false reports such as these. So instead, I suggest, giving reporting the respect it deserves and wait on the facts.

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  1. Janie Petronella

    The media reporters are in such a hurry to be the first to get the story out, I really don’t think they care if they get the facts right. A GOOD reporter would take pride in his/her work, be patient and get the facts.

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