Catholic Sex Scandal

"Picture of Pope Francis."Another victim of pedophilia has come forward. And wouldn’t you guess, the pedophile is in the Catholic Church. You would think that after forty plus years of accusation after accusation, the Catholic Church would clean house. But it seems they haven’t been able to find a maid.

There are many theories as to how all of these predators are able to become so high up in the Catholic Church. Some conspiracies include communists implanting pedophiles to infiltrate the church. But however these predators were able to get into the church, the fact remains, they are there. And instead of holding them accountable for their actions, they seem to just move on up the ranks.

Most people know that the best disinfectant for corruption and sin, is bringing it to light. And you would think that because of their faith, that would be exactly what they would do. But the Catholic church sided with leaving it in the dark. And whenever someone came forward, and brought the corruption to light, the Catholic church paid for their silence.

They left these predators in the church, and allowed them to continue working. Which left more children open to become their latest victim. Now, in the Catholic faith it states that everyone has the right to their good name. But once these leaders are accused of committing rape, especially against a child, it should be investigated immediately. And if they are found to be guilty, they should own that title and be punished accordingly.

To say that they are able to keep their good name, seems more as an excuse for the leaders of this faith to commit very sinful acts and get away with it. It seems funny to me that, for a faith based on the Bible, they would allow this sort of evil behavior to continue. I’m sure Christ didn’t advocate for the molestation of small children.

And if one of his Apostles where to have done such a thing, I highly doubt Jesus would allow them to continue with their depravity. So perhaps the Catholic church should go back to the basics, the Bible, and figure out what Jesus would do.

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  1. Tracy Spencer

    Absolutely! Very well said! Satan and his demons, I feel, are rulers of this religion, which is why they are getting away with so much because they are fitted for end times prophecy fulfillment. Sad! Thank you for this article!

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