Anti Conversion Bill

"Bible on table with hands in prayer."California has done it again. They have a new bill that if passed will ban freedoms, and take away the rights of their citizens. This particular bill is for the banning of conversion therapy centers. Now, if you’re like me, you’ve never heard of a conversion center before. But I found out that conversion therapy centers are there for individuals who wish to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions or gender dysphoria.

This new bill would essentially ban their very existence. The centers would have to close, and all literature would have to be disposed of. If you were caught handing out literature for conversion therapy, you would be breaking the law.

But a lot of people would say, “Well yeah, they should ban that! They were born with those inclinations. That’s just who they are.” Okay, sure, you could say that, but how is having that option hurting anyone? The theory is that these conversion centers would somehow take the “choice” away from the individuals who fit this criteria.

The LGBTQ Perspective

That somehow, their very existence is going to eradicate the LGBTQ community. Is it just me, or does that seem completely ridiculous? Well, it’s not ridiculous to California Assemblymen Evan Low. When speaking at the capitol, he recited his feelings of uncertainty as a teenager, but eventually learned to love who he was born to be.

His sentiments are that there is nothing wrong with being gay, or trans, that it is just who you are. And that’s fine, if that’s who you decide to be. But what about those people in the LGBTQ community that don’t arrive at that conclusion? What about those that wish fervently to change how they feel?

According to Mr. Low, they need to just accept the desires they have to be gay or trans. That if they somehow feel that it isn’t right, they need to fight against those feelings, and accept their place in the LGBTQ community. But isn’t that just as bad as telling someone not to be gay or trans?

Isn’t telling someone they can’t seek counseling against their inclinations, just as bad as telling someone they should? Shouldn’t we instead be promoting choice, instead of telling people what to do, and what to feel?

The Christian Perspective

On the other side of this bill, of course, is most notably the Christian community. Many in this community think this is a very dangerous bill. They feel it is stomping on their first amendment rights for freedom of speech. In this matter they are correct. Telling someone they can’t write, or say, something because it offends you, is stripping them of their constitutionally protect right to free speech.

The Christian community also fears that if this legislation where passed it could lead to the banning of bibles; since it could be used in therapy. Which, if I’m not mistaken, has been bantered about as of late.

So, I think it safe to say they are taking away more than just your right to free speech, they are also taking away freedom of religion. Since it is mostly Christian programs and churches that offer these programs, they are directly affecting their right to practice their religion.

Should the Bill Be Passed

There seems to be fears on both sides of the coin. But will this bill, if passed, be helpful, or harmful to the community? I would suggest that it is indeed more harmful than good. Although, this bill was intended to stop potential discrimination against the LGBTQ community, it will, unintentionally, hurt the very community it intended to protect.

This bill is basically stating that no one is allowed to talk about same-sex attraction, or gender dysphoria, unless they want to retain these feelings. This is stripping away the freedoms of not only people offering services, but for those seeking the service.

This bill essentially would be stripping the freedoms of the people in their own community, by telling them what to choose and how to live their life.

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